Mowing Time

The verges and tracks around the site will be trimmed in the next few days, and the site will look a lot tidier when this has been done. Please try to keep the verges near your plot clear for this, so that Reg can get in with his mower.

We have funds to do this twice annually, and the next cut is likely to be in September, so it will help to keep the site looking good if we all keep any common areas near our plots trimmed as much as we can, in between the scheduled mowings.

Dave Lee, Site Manager

Water is Now On

I have turned the water on today as the ground is starting to dry out. The supply pressure to all three tanks is good. Please let me know if any problems are found, however the tanks will probably overflow as the water starts to warm up.

Dave Lee, Site Manager

Public Liability Insurance

Would all plot holders please note the following
notice of advice to tenants which PAA has posted on the Pitstone Allotment Site
Notice Board.
“Adverts for allotment services on this notice board are provided as
information to tenants, and have not been checked out by PAA. Tenants are
reminded of their responsibility to provide public liability insurance for
their plot, in the terms of their signed tenancy agreement. Tenants who engage
contractors or employees to work on site need to ensure that this activity is
covered by appropriate public liability insurance (for example, by insurance
held by the contractor).”
Best regards,

Dave Lee

Site Manager, Pitstone Allotment Association