The allotment site is owned by the National Trust and leased to Pitstone Parish Council for the purpose of providing Allotment Gardens.  Pitstone Allotment Association has accepted a range of formal duties from the Parish Council.   This gives the allotment holders greater control over how the site is operated, more responsive day-to-day management, more opportunities for volunteers to utilise their skills and expertise and a greater sense of pride in the site.

Pitstone Allotment Association is represented by a committee formed by plot holders from Pitstone Allotments.

The current committee members and their Roles are as follows:

  • Brian Brooks – Chair & Web Site
  • Gill Lloyd – Vice Chair
  • Marjory Rankin – Secretary
  • Margaret Crutchfield – Parish Councillor / Treasurer
  • John Lowe – Site Manager / Fundraising
  • Julie Wills – Site Notice Board / Chicken Officer
  • Rob Spiller – Bee Officer
  • Jacqui Woodhead – Wildlife Officer
  • Geoff Bratt 
  • David Hutchinson

In the first instance please contact