New guidelines and site rules for keeping chickens

Please note the new guide and conditions for keeping chickens on the site. Julie Wills is the committees appointed welfare officer for chickens on site, and if you have any questions or are considering keeping chickens on site, please in the first instance have a chat with Julie, who will be more than happy to advise you. Those of you that don’t know Julie, she has one of the larger polytunnels at the far end of the site.

New guidelines can be viewed in the useful documents area of the web site, or downloaded here.

Potential Plots for the less able.

Whilst we recognise working an allotment plot is rewarding with many benefits, physical activity, growing your own produce, as well being part of a friendly community amongst them, it can be hard work maintaining one of the whole plots that we currently offer, particularly for those less able and not as fit and active as they used to be. To this end we are exploring various options that make allotment gardening more accessible to a wider proportion of our community. We are considering creating smaller more easily accessible raised beds.
If this is something that would interest you please contact our secretary Marjory Rankin to register your interest at
If there is sufficient interest we will look into establishing these plots.